How We Work

Recycle your quality used sports and fitness equipment at Play It Again Sports in both Duluth (Map Link) and Superior (Map Link)locations. It’s a simple fact, kids outgrow sports equipment!  Families are continuously changing sports or trying some new activity. Much of this gear is still in great (sometimes new) condition and has lots of years left in it, which makes that messy garage, basement or closet a potential source of income. Bring your no longer needed or wanted quality used sports gear to Play It Again Sports. Sell or trade in your quality used sports gear today so your gear can play again with someone else.

We consign equipment, this option pays you the most money. We pay you a guaranteed amount when the equipment sells.

We will give you a trade-in value you can use toward the purchase of a new or used item in our store.

Bring in your quality used sports and equipment. If we can sell it in our store, we will buy it from you!

What We Buying Now

  • Hockey and Figure skates
  • Hockey Shin Guards
  • Hockey Gloves and Elbow Pads
  • Kids Cross Country Skis
  • Kids Snowboards
  • Snowshoes
  • Weights